Un Yamada Artist

Dancer ・ Choreographer ・ Director

Learned gymnastics, ballet and dance. Went to France.
Established ‘ Co. Yamada Un ’ in 2002.
She leads contemporary dance company which take a leading place in Japan and has been active in Japan, Europe, United States, Asia, Middle East and etc.,
She works choreography on musical and opera, direction for drama, PR and producing event for company,
proposal and carry out the new style of dinner show and many other projects.
Also she has been active around the world as a solo dancer and nurturing dancers and choreographers.

2014  8th Japan Dance Forum Award
2015  65th New Face Award of Minister of Education Awards for Fine Arts
2017   visiting 11 countries 23 cities as the Japan Cultural Envoy
2020   37th The Takaya Eguchi Award

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/un.yamada/?hl=ja
Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/uncoubou


dancedition 『NIPPON・CHA!CHA!CHA!』
AI・HALL 『People without Seasons』
AICHI Ttriennale 『IKINONE』
The Japan Foundations   Artist Interview
Nu; 「TUNAGUHITO」ver.001